Clark Law Group

Tax Deed Investors
Tax deed investing in Georgia is one of the most complex, risky, yet potentially lucrative real estate investment strategies. The risk to the uninformed tax deed investor is tremendous. The laws governing challenges to tax sales, proper efforts to bar the right of redemption, and ultimately obtaining clear title by a quiet title action are murky, contradictory, and constantly changing. A prudent investor will engage a lawyer with extensive experience in this area before ever purchasing a tax deed at auction. Clark Law Group's primary practice area is representing tax deed investors and we advise clients from pre-acquisition due diligence, to barment, and ultimately quiet title.
Tax Lien Portfolios
The firm oversees all aspects of Georgia tax lien investing from asset acquisition, regulatory compliance, servicing, collections, levy, sale and litigation. The firm has advised institutional investors in making multimillion dollar bids for Fulton County tax liens and directly advises lien servicers for several multimillion dollar portfolios.
Excess Tax Sale Funds
Many properties sold at tax sales to collect delinquent taxes sell for more than what is owed. This balance is referred to as "excess funds." Each county handles the distribution of excess funds differently. The firm and its attorneys have recovered millions of dollars of excess funds for its clients throughout the state of Georgia. Typically such efforts require filing a money rule action or declaratory judgment to force the county to disburse funds that otherwise may go unclaimed for years. If you believe you have a claim to excess tax sale funds, contact the firm for an evaluation of your claim.
General Title Issues
The firm routinely represents investors and sellers in clearing title issues that would otherwise render title unmarketable. The firm can assist in clearing security deeds that have not been cancelled, gaps in the chain of title, establishing adverse possession, divesting liens, clearing fractured (heir) titles, and any other cloud that may cause title to the property to be unmarketable.